Into Your Head podcast 2006-2016

For ten years I made a podcast called Into Your Head, churning out almost eight hundred episodes of acquired-taste monologual nonsense humour, sometimes powered by copious amounts of generic energy drinks. The later (and in my opinion better) episodes are preserved in this permanent archive.


Much thanks to Frank Edward Nora, host of The Overnightscape and proprietor of ONSUG – The Overnightscape Overground, a huge collection of monologue podcasts and miscellaneous audio treasures, who has created a permanent archive of around two hundred episodes on Thanks also to listener Jan Erik who provided a stash of audio files.

Also thanks to my small but fantastically supportive bunch of listeners, some of who went far out of their way to encourage me with this ludicrous enterprise for a whole decade, before we all came to our senses.

You can find the archive here .